Mobile Repairing Course in Hyderabad

Mobile repairing course in HyderabadMobile phones are one of the most indispensable items in today’s date. As these are widely used, they also face various issues and problems. Consequently, they are in need of repair for smooth operation. It is because of this reason that the need for specialized professionals and technicians comes into play to handle minor or major mobile phone repairing tasks. Therefore, it is an excellent idea on your part to get enrolled into a mobile repairing course in Hyderabad and enrich your knowledge and career, as a whole. The best course will comprise of theoretical and practical training to help you learn all the essential skills for servicing, repairing and maintaining mobile phones.

There is a constant demand of repairing industries for different issues in mobile phones. With the advancement in technology, the mobile phones, and their operations are also getting complicated. In the event of damage, it becomes difficult to get them back into a function because of lack of qualified technicians in this field. In such a situation, your career as a mobile repairing technician can work out to be excellent.

About Us:

We are one of the leading institutes in Hyderabad offering various technical courses. One of the famous courses is mobile repairing. In fact, we started with Cell repairing courses that have now diversified into the courses of repairing smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs and even advanced networking. We invite candidates from various fields to enroll in our courses and learn the skills of repairing, servicing and maintaining mobile phones. We strive to help you develop the best career in this field. Our training is, in fact, divided into three parts:

  • Theory,
  • Practical and
  • Practice.

We believe that it is through these parts that we can imbibe complete skills and knowledge among the learners so that their base remains thorough. Hence, it will not be difficult for them to handle any problem, in the long run, regardless of the complexity of the mobile phone technology.

Our courses are of a short duration, and we employ some of the highest qualified professionals in this field to offer training and education to the candidates. As a result, they have the potential to change the future of the candidates in this area regarding better career opportunities and higher incomes. We are backed by the robust infrastructure and experienced faculty along with well-planned education structure and methodology. It is this that makes us confident in offering our training for a long time now.

Why This Mobile Repairing Course:

Anyone who wants to attend a career in mobile phone repairs can join this course. On the other hand, candidates that want to learn it as a hobby can also enroll for this course. There is no denying that the cellular industry is one of the fastest wing industries in the entire world. A career in mobile servicing and repairing is fruitful in the sense that it can improve your job prospects. It might even help you start your own business and make a lucrative career. Here are some of the major benefits that you will get from our courses.

  • Little course fees with higher returns,
  • You need not change your current profession,
  • Short term courses that will offer long-term benefits,
  • We continuously upgrade our courses to meet the growing competition and demand,
  • Teaching is conducted by certified faculty,
  • Free technical help and support after that,
  • Less theory and more practical,
  • Multiple batch timing options available.

We cover both hardware and software modules in our courses. Whether you are interested in learning both or want to specialize in a single area, you can make your choice. We have trained hundreds of students that are working successfully in service centers or have set up their shops across India and abroad.

Advantage Of Learning This Course:

No wonder mobile repairing course has become highly popular because of the launch of different mobile devices on the market today. Consequently, this course has become one most popular short term courses in India. There are large numbers of institutions located in different parts of India offering these courses. We are the best in Hyderabad providing high quality and low budget course for candidates across various fields. Although anybody can take these courses, these are best suited for the professionals associated with hardware and software engineering. Learning of skills and fast acquisition of knowledge will be easy and smooth like never before.

We claim that learning Mobile phone repairing courses is rewarding because of the enormous demand for qualified technicians. We offer practical and friendly guidance through our unique approach to mobile repairing courses. Our courses emphasize in understanding the operations of different mobile phones, and troubleshooting various problems. In addition to that, these courses also include diagnosing and repairing problems. The course mainly concentrates on hands-on and practical solutions that can be implemented right away.

Job Opportunities:

Along with offering courses, we also help students find jobs after the completion of the course. We are confident that the tremendous demand for skilled and qualified technicians in mobile repairing will give our candidates one of the best jobs in the industry. As per our previous records, there are hardly any ex-candidates that did not manage to find the job on completing our courses. Some of them have even opened their businesses and are thus in a position to offer jobs to others. On the other hand, some candidates are employed in reputed mobile service centers.

We have designed a separate placement cell to help our students in the process of job search. The members of the cell assist the candidates to find suitable jobs with good package after completing the course. In addition to that, the placement cell also offers tips and suggestions to the candidates to start their repairing and servicing firms. Thus, we guarantee you of the best career after completing the mobile repairing course. You can even earn anywhere between 15, 000 to 30, 000 per month and sometimes even more.

Therefore, it is high time to enroll into our repairing course and reap the benefits of the same.

Mobile Repairing Course

Welcome to Mobile Repairing Course in Hyderabad. You are taken the good decision to join this course. Our faculty has more than eight years of experience. After learning this course, you can start your own business, or you can join as an employee. We give 100% job guaranty if you learn a full course. Course fee only 12000/- with all advanced concepts. If you do not satisfy with faculty way of teaching within ten days, get back your money. Quality is our motto.

RCP Technologies Pvt Ltd Training Institute for Cell phone repair is promoted by a group of professionals. The primary objective behind the launch of” Mobile Repairing Course “is to provide vocational training at all leading to a career in the field of telecommunication’s rapid growth, regardless of their academic qualifications.

More than 5000 + Professionals, from our Institute, have completed Hardware & Networking, Mobile Repairing course, Laptop And Desktop Chip Level Repairing Courses and other computer courses and obtained the desired job and well-settled Some of them were running their own service Center and earning the decent income.

Mobile Software  Training

 It includes Hand on Training on Octopus Box, Z3X Box, UFS Box Software.

These 3 software boxes is enough to take of all software of popular broad mobiles like Acer, Adcom, Alcatel, Apple, Archos, Asus, BlackBerry, Celkon, Fly, Gionee, HTC, Huawei, iBall,, iBerry Idea,, Intex, Karbonn, Lava, Lenovo, LG, Maxx Mobile, Micromax, Microsoft, Motorola, MTS, Nokia, Obi, Oppo,, Panasonic,, Philips, Samsung, Sony, Spice, Swipe, Videocon, Wickedleak, Xiaomi, Xolo, ZTE Etc.

mobile software Training

Octopus Box – It is the best solution for Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and LG  phones service:

Through octopus box  Training you are going to the expert in recovery, flash, unlock, and Software repairs.

Mobile Training in Software

Z3X Box preactivated unlocking and servicing solution for latest all China Mobiles LG and Samsung cell phones.

Software Mobile Training

UFS Box offers new module for Samsung, Nokia devices with full support for all Android phones

Training  fee: 7000/- for (Software Training)

Both hardware & Software 100%  In-depth Training 12,000/-

Mobile phones and mobile phone repairing is one of the most crucial tasks in today’s date. Problems can be varied and sometimes even complicated. It is important to acquire knowledge and skill in detecting the problems and solving them in the best way. We are a leading institute in Hyderabad offering mobile repairing training with the help of our group of professionals. In fact, our primary aim is to provide vocational training for repairing different mobile devices. Within a short time of our launch, we have acquired an excellent reputation, and we have successfully trained large numbers of individuals till date.

If you are interested in forming a career in the field of telecommunications, we think that our mobile repairing training is the ideal solution for you. There is no denying the fact that the area of telecommunication is rapidly progressing. Therefore, if you acquire training, you will have the opportunity to create a bright and successful career. It is time to learn about cellular repair and take the entire wireless industry by storm.

Mobile Repairing Course Highlights:

  • We have state of the art training facilities.
  • We offer courses on industry leading tools and equipment.
  • Some of our courses are also based on level 3 advanced circuit board soldering.
  • Classes are associated with practical training solutions so that you can get hands-on experience in what you learn. This, in turn, will grow your confidence in doing repairs.
  • We issue certification after the completion of training.
  • We offer special job assistance program to ensure that individuals get some of the best jobs in the industry.
  • We even offer free on-going technical support.

Mobiles Usage:

Global cell phone subscribers will reach 5 billion by 2015. In fact, the tremendous and explosive growth in cellular subscribers will create a greater demand for well-trained technicians that can help in meeting the growing demand. We are sure that we can provide the necessary training to produce individuals suited for the need.

Repairing of mobile phones includes two parts hardware and software. We at Mobile Repairing Course in Hyderabad specialize in offering training in both the sectors. We do not demand any specialized educational qualification for offering our training programs. Beginners and experienced professionals are welcome to become a part of our training.

Quality Training for Mobile Repair

Do not settle for second-hand training. Come to a company that will help you get started in the best way. We are the right company in this context. We never compromise with the quality of our programs and make sure that each can afford to join our program. Proper training is required for repairing and servicing mobile phones. No other institute in Hyderabad can offer excellent training courses like the ones provided by RCP Technologies. Therefore, it is high time that you check out our website to get an idea of what we offer. You can also take a look at our testimonial section to hear from our ex-students and the way they have benefited from us. By that, you can enroll with us. Our Course is one of the best Mobile Repairing course in Hyderabad.

Mobile Repairing Course Content:


  1. Hi,I want Join Mobile Phone Repair & Services course in Hyderabad.I want demo class. Can you arrange it please.

    1. We are one of the Best mobile repairing training institute in Hyderabad. Let attend a demo and take decision. 5 day classes are free.

      1. We want to Start 10-15 Mobile Repairing Centres in Hyderabad, therefore we need 20-30 Expert Guys who can repair any Mobile. Very Attractive Package will be Offered. Interested Technicians can Contact me Immediately.

        Ajay Kumar Khaitan
        Aparna Sarovar, Flat L401,
        Nallagandla, Lingampally,
        Hyderabad 500046
        Mob: 09333110071, 9177431741

      2. I had completed my mobile hardware and software repairing course in Hyderabad with basic electronics also, and I had to gain more knowledge of repairing in touch Mobile like how to crystal mic repair and how to open iPhones can you train me.

  2. Dear Sir,
    I want join mobile repairing course in your institute. Please mention the course details and duration also please forward me the course content to my mail ID mentioned.

    Also please give me information on computer and laptop course.

    1. Study of electronic components is called “electronics”.
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      2. Integrated circuit ‘IC’
      3. Capacitor ‘C’
      4. Diode ‘D’
      5. Transistor ‘V’ or ‘Q’
      6. coil/indicators ‘L’
      7. Transformer ‘T’

      CURRENT ‘I’: unit is amperes (amp), flow of electronic is called current.
      ELECTRONIC ‘E’: charge particles –ve (-negative)
      ELECTRICITY: the energy of charged elementary (basic) particles (ELECTRON: a tiny of piece of matter with a negative electric charge found in all atoms.
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      ATOM :an extremely small quantity or thing
      NUCLEUS: the positive charged central part of an atom containing most of its mass.
      AMPERE (amp): the unit for measuring electric current is a 13 amp fuse.
      OHM (Ω): the unit of electrical resistance.
      RESISTOR: a device providing resistance to electric current in a circuit; resistance to electron flow.
      CIRCUIT: a complete path along which an electric current flows; there must be a break in the circuit related electronics.
      CIRCUIT BOARD: a thin plate on which chips & other electronic components are placed .hardware part (HW).

  3. I know there are numerous technical institutes about, but most ones don’t provide practical and up to date instruction. That is what makes RCP Technologies Institute different.
    I was jobless I didn’t will operate under anyone. As a result of RCP Technologies in addition to their help, I discovered mobile handling and today I am successfully running my cellular shop and earning handsome profits.

  4. In my opinion, RCP Technologies Institute is best training Institute in Ameerpet for a course in a Mobile technical industry. The professors are expert and courteous. Their unique education strategy is great and in addition they give good service to doubts later.

    1. Cell phone issues can very often be caused by faulty software as well. Some customers will unintentionally download viruses, or simply run too many apps. These will often cause freezing or even boot looping.

      Sadly, the solution is usually a master reset/factory data reset, which must be performed from the settings menu, and accessed in different locations depending on the firmware, or IOS version.

      IF the settings menu can’t be accessed, then a hard reset must be performed differently. Most androids can be put into RECOVERY mode by some combination of the Volume Keys and Power button. The access will allow you to perform a hard reset from the recovery menu. Unfortunately, iPhones can only be put into DFU or recovery mode that neither offers hard resets from there. They must be restored.

      Sometimes, when the phone cannot access the recovery menu, it must be put into DOWNLOAD mode, where it can be connected via an installer program such as ODIN, Motorola RSD Lite, LG Downloader or other software programs that can be run from your computer.

      The drivers will be necessary for these repairs, but they are very easy to find. Most of this software can be found easily on your favorite search engine. Sometimes, small issues like back camera issues, or even speaker issues could be a software issue. For example, if the microphone and speaker both simultaneously stop working at the same time, it could be an option worth considering.

      Always inform customer before performing a master reset, as everything will get deleted.

  5. Hi sir,
    I want join mobile repair institute.This is one of the best Mobile Repairing course center in Ameerpet.I got Job guaranteed, after completion of course.

  6. I want to join in ur institute.I inquired many institutes in Ameerpet. I find this is best Institute in Ameerpet.I got confidence to get a job after this institute given a placement assurance.

    1. – Understand how each part is responsible for each issue

      – Understand how to replace the part in charge of each issue

      – Understand how to test the phone for possible issues

      You will then learn some practical ways to apply this knowledge in real-life

      – How to you use grid sheets for faster repairs and quicker learning

      – How to use magnetic pads to hold on to screws

      – How to place screws in a particular orientation to help remember placement

      – How to get faster with each repair

      You will then learn how to perform the best repair today (LOCA screen replacement)

      – Learn how to use heat to separate the glass from the adhesive safely

      – Learn how to use 99% alcohol to clean the LCD

      – Learn how to use double sided adhesive to readjust the glass

      – Learn how to use LOCA glue and a black light to apply the new glass

      – Learn how to use UV Lamps to secure the glue

      You will learn the theory of cell phones

      – Learn what transistors are

      – Learn what Inductors are

      – Learn what transistors are

      – Learn about circuits

      – Learn about IC ships

      – Learn how digital antennas work

      You will learn how to apply all this knowledge into money-making

      – Learn how to minimize repair time and maximize profits

      – Learn where and how to start practically

      – Learn where to buy parts

      – Learn how to make repair “sales.”

  7. Can you reduce the fee? I am Very interested to join in your institute.My friends advice me to join here, But I can’t pay 12,000/- for both software and hardware Training.Please give some discount.

    1. I did understand you position. But I am going to give 2000/- discount only. You have to understand a lot of costs involved to run Training centers.
      This type of same training in CTC, they charge 20,000/-. Go and enquire once there.And our faculty is very experienced in Software Training. So, due to your financial position I am allowing 10,000/- for entire Mobile Training.

      I Think You are happy for that, Right.

  8. Sir, i want to join in ur institute please tell me the duration of mobile repair course and fee I want to attend a demo class please reply to my query

  9. Sir, my age is 47 years. Can I join mobile repair course in your centre and get a suitable job?
    Sir, my qualification is d.pharma., B.A., M.A.
    Sir, I am from Chennai and WANT TO settle in Hyderabad.
    Sir, I do not know any South Indian language., I know only Hindi and English.
    Sir, I want to start my own business after some job experience.
    Sir, please suggest me suitable course with fees and hostel facility to achieve my goal in my life.

  10. Dear Sir,
    kindly share the course syllabus and course duration to join this course and also let us know when we can join this course.


  11. Is ur institute offering smartphone repair course, give me details? I want the expert in both hardware and Software mobile repairing course.

  12. Hi sir
    I am Looking for mobile repair training in Hyderabad. My friend who is Mobile Technician was referred your institute.
    Can I know when the new batch is going to start? I am Job holder, so I am comforted only after 6 pm. any batches running after 6 PM.

  13. Hi sir. I want to join in ur institute . Mobile repair course, pls send me. Fee, duration. . details
    and also accommodation details provide by you….or nearby area.

  14. One of the Best Mobile Training Institute in Ameerpet, that covers all software and hardware.
    They provide Job to me. I am lucky by taking training here.

  15. I am very much like this mobile repairing Training Center. They are excellent faculties in both hardware and software. Most of institute in Ameerpet teach only hardware repairs but most of the times we get only Software problems.All of them using smart mobiles, so software problems are more. We are unable to repair software issues. Now first time in Ameerpet this institutes covering all software.

    Now I am the comforted to run my Business very well. I am giving advice all students ask any training institute did they include training in Octopus Box, Z3X Box, UFS Box, Miracle Box software. Without these software Training, you can’t repair mobile software issues like recovery, flash, unlock, and Software repairs.
    So, I recommend this institute for complete mobile repair Training.

  16. Dear sir…
    can u please explain to me what are courses offered in your institute…(short and long term)
    and duration of courses..and timings.because am interested in learning mobile repairing in your institution.

  17. Dear, sir…
    can u please explain to me what are courses offered in your institute…(short and long term) and duration of courses..and timings.because am interested to learn This best mobile repairing institution in Ameerpet Hyderabad.
    I am here that your institute started mobile software courses. Can you explain about it.I am interested to learn Software compleat so, I can able to manage all software issue.

  18. Hai sir
    I Want to join in ur institute as I here it is one of the best Mobile Training Institute in Hyderabad
    Please suggest me which one is the best Software or hardware courses.Even I am looking hardware and networking training institutes in Hyderabad also.If you come across good one, please suggest. Can you inform me on Demo?

  19. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am job holder and I will be free after 7 pm. So let me know the detail of Mobile Hardware and Software training.

    Awaiting for your replay…………

  20. sir
    I wanted to join ur institute for learning hardware and software. But I am from the village so a problem with room for the living.. plz say ur specialities.. how much time take for complete coaching…

  21. Dear Sir,
    I want join mobile repairing course in your institute. Please mention the course details and duration also please forward me the course content to my mail ID mentioned.

    Also please give me information on computer and laptop course.

  22. Dear Sir,

    I want to know the below course duration and fee details…

    1.Mobile repairing course and laptop repair course hardware and networking course


  23. We are Planning to start 5-10 Mobile Repairing Centres in Hyderabad, Please provide us the List of Expert Students who has obtained training from your esteemed Mobile Training Institute.

    Ajay Kumar Khaitan, Hyderabad

  24. Dear sir,

    My name is Akhil I completed my MBA 2013.After complete this course what types of jobs we will get and how much salary which expected and which companies will hire this positions If I did this Mobile repair course…plz tell me.

  25. Does your institute also teaches iPhone repairing? I am searching for mobile repair training centers in Hyderabad area.

  26. Looking for mobile repairing institute in Hyderabad Ameerpet for mobile hardware and software training.Can you send details, please.

  27. Sir,
    I want to learn Mobile Repairing of Smart Phones and Ordinary phones. kindly send me the details.

    K.Sai Kumar,

  28. Will there be calculations in this course because I am weak in maths.I want to join best mobile hardware and software repairing course center.
    Please reply

  29. Hi.
    Please tell me. How many hours Mobile Repair Class duration per day. And Shifting timing to me. I will try to join in this institute. Please mail to my email id. Did you teach in Hindi, because I am much comfort in Hindi.

  30. Hi sir,

    I am very interested in doing the mobile repairing course by seeing the comments…I want ur mobile number, and I want fees discount

  31. RCP Technologies is one of the great institutes that provide the training needed for the new aspiring candidates, especially, for the aspirants, who want build their own careers in the field of information technology. The institute provides much better training and ensures that the student gets benefited from the laptop chip level training course he or she has learnt.

    The Mobile chip level training provided by the institute is up to date with the technology in the industry and so the candidates, who learn these courses, do get the job opportunities that are hot in the industry. The practice sessions and the hands-on experience gained by the candidates during the course, ensure them to find the job opportunities in the multinational companies. The institute is reliable for all kinds of the courses, like laptop chip level training courses and also the other kinds of training like for the smartphones, mobiles, hardware, etc.

  32. Hi.
    Please tell me. How many hours Mobile Repair Class duration per day. And Shifting timing to me. I will try to join in this institute.Please tell me this branch is at VIJAYAWADA.FEES DETAILS

  33. Hello,
    I am interested in joining your Mobile Repairing Institute Ameerpet Hyderabad. Plz send me your course timings and branches and fee packages and how many months you take classes

  34. Hi I am much interested in mobile technician pls help in fee discussion for less fee I am not well by health and also in financially also sir…

  35. RCP Technologies stands to be a good training institute for learning the laptop, Mobile chip level servicing course. The institute provided detailed course description and lecture of how the repairing can be done for literally any laptop that has been going through the individual technical problem. The great and core level training provided for the laptop chip level servicing has helped to rely on our feet and start independent freelancing services for the laptop chip level servicing.

    The Institute has created the very friendly environment that every student feels good enough. And this environment has helped us to move warm and discuss many things about the laptop chip level servicing in detail. The environment helped us to communicate with us regarding the subject and made us easy to learn what our fellow students know and what we don’t know. I can say that RCP Technologies stands to be the best and good institute to learn laptop chip level training.

  36. Hi
    I am from kerala. Want to do course in smart phone technology.can you send details about fee,syllabus,hostel facilities and duration of do u conduct classes? In english or Telungu?.

  37. sir,I am interested in joining your Mobile Repairing Institute Ameerpet Hyderabad. Please send me your course timings and branches and fee packages and how many months you take classes

  38. Dear sir
    My name is Laxman I want to com training for mobile repair course. plz tel me the details of course fee , qualifications, timing….etc…how many days to complete training.
    Thank sir…

  39. Sir I am a Tv technician &I want to join the institute so let me know the details of course and what r the timings of the class & idontwant the basic electronics . Fee details thank u

  40. hi sir this is Ravindhar from karimnagar . I am willing to learn mobile repairing can you give me course details and duration .thank you

  41. hi, dear sir or mam
    I want to join your institute for mobile repairing course but I’m not educated and can’t speak in English language; so can i join your institute pls reply me on my Email address. ….

  42. i m from goa. I want to join ur instute . Mobile repair course, pls send me. hardware nd software courses fees ; duration. nd accommodation available or not…

  43. hi i am from odisha
    i wan to know details abt the course
    course duration
    course cost
    education required
    hostel facility and cost of boarding and food

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